Windows Installation

IMPORTANT: When downloading or using Buxify for the first time, it will most likely get blocked by an Anti-Virus software or the Windows Defender Firewall. Please read the following steps carefully to make sure that you can properly use our application:

Step 1) Download the installer

Step 2) Check to see if your browser blocked the download

If your download did not get blocked, skip this step. If your download was blocked, it could be due to several reasons:

Step 2) Install the application

Run the file you downloaded to setup and install the Buxify application.

Step 3) Run the application

Start Buxify if it hasnt started already, and enter your ROBLOX username. After logging in, press "Start Earning" to start collecting Robux.

Step 4) Allow access if prompted by Windows

If you see a dialog box similar to the one below after you press "Start Earning", please click "Allow" or otherwise you will not be able to collect Robux

Step 5) You should now be earning Robux!

If the app shows the Status to be "Loading" or "Earning", you have successfully setup Buxify and are collecting Robux!

If this still has not helped, please join our Discord Server and ask for assistance.